The Coding Life

  • A Successful Reboot

    Today has been a bit of a rebound day for me. After hitting some pretty sizable bumps on the road to completing my MakerSquare final project, things are finally falling into place.

  • The Final Project Countdown

    I’m in the homestretch of my MakerSquare class. We’re taking all of the front-end technologies we’ve learned and putting them to use in self-selected final project.

  • A Typical Day

    Today was the perfect day of coding. Completely typical for this enterprise. Typical in that I attempted to complete a task, ran into a bunch of obstacles, and had to keep plugging away. In other words, what I’ll spend half of my time doing as a professional developer.

  • Responsive Web Design and Foundation

    Tonight was the first time I have actually prepped for class. Usually, I’m lucky to show up with a working brain, but I had a little more time this weekend than usual.

  • Animal Project and Halfway Done

    Tonight was very much “hands on.” For most of the evening, we worked in small groups trying so solve a series of problems.

  • Reinstall & Jekyll

    After last night’s snafu, I spent today reinstalling everything on my laptop. Everything.

  • The Walls Came Tumblin' Down

    After last night’s snafu, I spent today reinstalling everything on my laptop. Everything.

  • Front-end class 4/20: Dev Inspector & jQuery

    My first introduction to the Chrome dev inspector came this summer while learning JavaScript. I had been working with Ruby, so my workflow involved creating a program in a text editor then running it in the terminal. When I switched languages, I didn’t know where to go. It literally took me several hours to figure out that I needed to bring up the JS console under Developer Tools in order to write out code.

  • Front-end class 3/20: CSS & JavaScript

    This was the day we finally completed introductions to the holy trinity of web development with sections on both CSS and JavaScript. I’ve known what CSS is in theory, but working with it has helped a lot. Now I can’t look at an HTML-only web page without thinking, “Come on! Slap some CSS on there, please.” Classes and IDs were introduced, and I have a feeling they will be huge.

  • Front-end class 2/20

    The class officially began on Monday, but tonight it actually got going. The big in-class focus was on using Git, and the homework is HTML heavy, with several web pages needing to be manually created.