The Coding Life

  • Front-end class 1/20

    Tonight, I began a ten-week class on front-end web development at MakerSquare. After spending the summer learning to code for the first time, I’m not I’m now taking my first organized learning activity on the road to becoming a developer. In less than three months, I should have a firm grasp on creating web sites with HTML and CSS, and some basic JavaScript and jQuery to make them more interactive. From there, the goal is to keep learning JavaScript while completing numerous projects.

  • Learning to Code: Week 9 Update

    Learning JavaScript continues. This week I was on vacation, but still managed to get work done.

  • Learning to Code: Week 7 Update

    This week was a pivot. My adventure learning to code finally switched languages with Ruby being replaced by JavaScript.

  • Learning to Code: Week 6 Update

    Busiest week so far learning to code. Last weekend seems far away.

  • Learning to Code: Week 4 Update

    Another “good news, bad news” week Learning to Code.

  • Learning to Code: Week 3 Update

    Another week, another roadblock. Got a good start going through Learn Ruby the Hard Way, but technology got in the way. (Ironic, no?)

  • Learning to Code: Week 2 Update

    Hit my first wall this week. Started on Chris Pine’s ‘Learn to Program. The first half of the book went pretty quickly.  It was challenging but completely doable. Chapters 8 & 9 were difficult enough that I had to look far to often at the answers in the back. By chapter 10, I was in over my head. There was a second sorting exercise that I should have been able to attack myself, and I didn’t even know where to start.

  • Learning to Code: Week 1 Update

    After scouring the web for resources and direction, I finally did something useful this week and worked my way through Zed Shaw’s Command Line Crash Course. This was a nice way to dip my toe in the way, and presages my use of his Ruby tutorial in the future.

  • Why coding?

    This isn’t the first time I’ve thought through entering the tech field as a programmer, but it is the first time I’m actually giving it a shot. So why coding?

  • A Writer Learns to Write Code

    Not quite yet, but that’s the idea.